Basil, sweet Essential Oil, ORGANIC (Ocimum Basilicum)

organic basil essential oil

Basil, sweet Essential Oil, ORGANIC (Ocimum Basilicum)

Organic Basil Essential Oil, sweet - Certified Organic - Linalool chemotype 

100% Pure Essential Oil - Therapeutic Grade

ORIGIN: Bulgaria

EXTRACTION: Steam distillation of the herb.

SCENT: A warm, spicy-sweet aroma.

KEY BENEFITS: Stimulating, uplifting, clearing.

ACTIONS: Antiseptic, tonic, expectorant.

A fine example of Organic Basil Essential Oil, which has been grown organically in Bulgaria.

Organic Basil is refreshing and uplifting and a tonic for nerves. It is said to be a natural energy booster for mind and body. It is warming, good for everyday muscle aches and pains and is said to help with effective respiration. It also often used as an insect repellent.

Blends well with these essential oils: Sweet Marjoram, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Citronella, Lime and Geranium.

Ways to use Organic Basil:- 

In an Electric Oil Diffuser or Essential Oil Burner - For a natural mood booster.- 1 drop mixed with 5ml carrier oil or cream/base product to massage into the skin for everyday aches and pains.

Bathtime - 5 drops in the bath mixed with carrier oil or milk (which is a natural dispersant) or up to 2 drops for the young, old or people with sensitive skin. 

Steam inhalation - for adults up to 5 drops in a bowl of steaming water to help clear your head and nose. 

PRECAUTIONS: Basil essential oil should not be used during pregnancy. It may cause sensitization and must be used in moderation (dilutions of no more than 1%). Prolonged use should also be avoided.

Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free

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organic basil essential oil

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Basil, sweet Essential Oil, ORGANIC (Ocimum Basilicum)