Buying Advice

Buying Advice

Buy Essential Oils with Confidence

When you buy essential oils it is imperative that they are 100% pure, single origin, unadulterated and of therapeutic quality.
Current consumer demand has led to many new and sometimes questionable suppliers setting up in business offering cheap, commercial grade or mixed origin essential oils.
Here's what to look out for:-

- Make sure they show the origin. We only sell single origin oils, many essential oil suppliers can get cheaper oils if they are mixed origin and then the oil is inferior.

- Check the extraction method. All essential oils should be steam distilled (or expressed for some citrus oils) for the best quality, if the extraction method is not shown they are normally using chemicals for extraction (which is much cheaper). This makes the properties much lower.

- Check the essential oil prices - If a supplier is selling essential oils all at the same prices or buy 10 get 10 free, then they are probably not therapeutic grade, single origin essential oils. The citrus oils are always the cheapest, then they price goes up gradually depending on the oil. Some oils need so much more raw material (like petals or seeds) to make the essential oil which puts the price up, for example, Geranium oil is a higher price as more petals are needed and Rose Otto is one of the most expensive as the oil yield is so small.

- Finally, if they seem to good to be true, they normally are. Suppliers can buy "Commercial Grade" essential oils, which are still classed as Pure essential oils but usually have cheaper extraction methods, mixed origin or both. This means they can sell on cheap essential oils but they will not have the quality, aroma or therapeutic benefits of Authentic Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

The AROMATHERAPY TRADE COUNCIL (ATC) is the UK's regulatory body for the Essential Oil Trade and it is recommended that you only buy Essential Oils from an 'ATC' Member.
Most of the UK's large essential oil suppliers are members of the ATC, this includes, Neal's Yard Remedies, Tisserand, Quinnessence and Essential Oils Online. All members have to adhere to the legal requirements of the Essential Oil trade and the ATC's rules. Our bottles and labels are checked and our essential oils can be randomly tested to ensure their quality.

If an Essential Oil supplier is not a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council they may not be abiding by the ATC's rules/standards. This could result in incorrect labelling and inaccurate consumer information, or bottles that are not appropriate for storing and dispensing essential oils.
Please note, in the UK, it is illegal to say that essential oils can be used internally. Overseas companies will sometimes say this on their products and it can be extremely dangerous as some essential oils can be toxic if used incorrectly.

BUYER BEWARE: It is best to make sure that the company you are buying from is based in the UK. We have seen that many new websites have now set up with addresses and they are based in China or America. We have seen many customers caught out by this and are either not receiving their essential oils, paying taxes on arrival or receiving inferior quality oils that do not have to adhere to the UK regulations.  Check the address is clearly shown on the home page or in the Terms and Conditions.

If in doubt at all, when you are about to buy essential oils - Don't buy them.

I hope this information helps you to purchase high quality essential oils for aromatherapy use.

Kind Regards