Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Re-cycle and re-use - even a little helps the environment

At Essential Oils Online we're proud of our packaging as well as our products. We strive to ensure that our products are appealing to the eye as well as being the best value around.

We use glass bottles wherever possible, which can be recycled when finished with. Where plastic is our only option (due to product type), we try and use PET or other recyclable plastics.

We always try and re-use our boxes and packaging, and and loosefill is bio-degradable and can be placed in your home compost bin.

When we pack our bottles, unfortunately as they are liquid, the postal carriers insist that they are wrapped in plastic in case of leakage.  We have therefore sourced some biodegradable grip seal bags that the essential oils can be contained in. 

Our premises are located near our houses and I use an electric car to get to work with zero emissions.

All of our empty aluminium bottles are also taken to a depot to be recycled.

We are always looking at other ways to improve our carbon footprint and would welcome any suggestions.

Unfortunately, it is not practical to have glass bottles returned for re-filling as the post office will charge more than the value of the bottle to return it.

A good tip though, is to re-use the empty bottles for blends and home-made mixtures.

We are also members of Ecologi and have a Climate Positive Workforce. Visit our page at www.ecologi.com