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What is the best quality Rosehip oil

Essential Oils Online Ltd specialise in selling carefully sourced Organic Rosehip oil from Chile.

Organic Rosehip oil or rosehip seed oil, as it is also known, comes in many different qualities.

Our Organic Rosehip oil is sourced from a supplier who has certified the oil with the Organic Soil Association. The Rosehip oil we supply is the original from Chile and not the slightly inferior and cheaper European version which is so often available from other suppliers.

Many other varieties are available and it is essential to purchase unrefined and cold pressed oil for the best quality. Unrefined Organic Rosehip oil has just been cold pressed to extract the oil with minimal interaction and it retains the most minerals and nutrients. The colour of the unrefined oil is lovely orange colour - please note if the oil is pale gold colour then the oil will have been refined and will contain less beneficial properties, namely natural vitamin E, Linoleic Acid and Unsaturated Fatty Acids which are all essential for a healthy skin.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL

Rosa Mosqueta is the local Chilean term for the Rosehip plant and the INCI (latin) name is the important factor. Our oil is the Rosa Canina which is the INCI name for the Chilean Rosehips used for authentic Rosehip oil. If the Rosehip oil is pure and unrefined it will have a strong fatty aroma, most people are quite happy with this as they know its healing powers are worth its weight in gold. Some Rosehip oils will be sold with an essential oil added, so the aroma is more floral, however, this can not be classed as pure if other oils are added.

There are two main varieties, Rosa Canina and Rosa Rubiginosa, which both have similar properties.

Rosehip oil used to be one of the beauty world's best kept secrets with it's skin rejuvenation properties. However, many people now share this secret and are reaping the rewards of daily use. One of the more recent proclaimed users of Pure Unrefined Rosehip Oil is HRH Catherine, The Princess of Wales, who uses it daily in her skincare routine, aloing with millions of other users around the world.

As Rosehip Seed oil is expensive, please be careful when purchasing the oil. For the best properties you will need to consider the following points:-

Sourced from Chile
- INCI name of Rosa Rubiginosa, Rosa Canina or Rosa Mosqueta
- Organic, unrefined and cold-pressed
- Lovely orange colour

- and finally always buy from a reputable supplier.

If the above information is not available when purchasing the item, ask, as it can be an expensive error if the oil is the wrong type.

Our Organic Rosehip seed oil is our best selling product and we are proud to say we can vouch for its quality and our customers can too.

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