Melissa Floral Water / Hydrosol

Melissa Floral Water / Hydrosol

(Melissa Officinalis) Also known as Lemon Balm. Grown and distilled in England.

100% Pure and Natural Product. No additives, produced naturally during the steam distillation of the essential oil.

Strengthening and Refreshing. Ideal to take on long journeys for an instant refreshing pick-me-up. 

The lemon scent, although slightly earthy and musty is normally bought for it's properties rather than it's aroma.

100ml supplied in a cobalt blue PET bottle with spray top. 

250ml refill supplied in a cobalt blue PET bottle with screw top.

1000ml refill supplied in a natural HDPE bottle with screw lid.

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Melissa Floral Water / Hydrosol