Magnesium Flakes (Magnesium Chloride)

Magnesium Flakes (Magnesium Chloride)

Magnesium Flakes (Magnesium Chloride)

100% Pure and Natural Magnesium flakes packed in the UK. Magnesium flakes can be used most effectively when they are dissolved in bath water. When you go in the water to soak it is absorbed by your body and can be called "transdermal" mineral bathing.

Dissolve 100-200gm in a bath of water at approximately 37C. Add to the bath water and relax for about 20 minutes. Use three times a week for two weeks, then as required.

For a more intense transdemal bath use 500gm of magnesium flakes once a week.

200gm /500gm Packed in a kraft paper sealed window bag.

1000gm packed in a grip-seal bag.

5kg Packed in a Foil Wrapped Bag.

Instructions for adult use:-

Dissolve magnesium flakes in a bath of warm water about 37 degrees celsius.

For muscle relaxation use 500g - 1kg

For children over 3 years old use 100g-250g. Ideally the bath should be before bedtime.

During pregnancy: Use 250-500g and make sure the bathing water is about 36°C and never over normal body temperature.

Relax and soak for 20 minutes 1-2 times per week.

For a footbath, dissolve 250-500gm of flakes in 5 litres of warm water at body temperature (not higher than 36 degrees celcius). Relax and soak your feet for up to 20 minutes. During pregnancy use only 250gm for a footbath.

Here are some other ideas for using your Magnesium flakes:-

- For a Homemade Soothing Sleep Spray - mix half of luke warm water with half of the magnesium flakes and put into a spray bottle. Spray over your chest and arms as and when needed.

- To help tired and aching Muscles - mix a 80% magnesium flakes with 20% of hot water. Place on a flannel or small towel, squeeze out and use as a compress on tired muscles.

- For Salt Inhalation - mix 150gm of magnesium flakes with 300ml of boiling water in a bowl. Stir and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Put you head over the bowl, place a tea towel or towel over your head and inhale. You can also add 2-3 drops lavender essential oil to aid relaxation


Do not use on broken skin. Avoid contact with the eyes. Seek GP advice before use if suffering from a medical condition or undergoing medical treatment.

If irritation occurs rinse with water. If it persists, seek medical attention.

Keep out of reach of children.

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Magnesium Flakes (Magnesium Chloride)

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Magnesium Flakes (Magnesium Chloride)