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Uplift Your Life and Worry Less Hypnotherapy Download

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Price: 24.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

The wonderful "Uplift Your Life and Worry Less" track is in .mp3 format.


"Allow your mind to visit the perfect peace of mother nature's sanctuary with glorious imagery letting mind and body truly relax and release heavy thoughts for a positive light relief accompanied by the supportive, calming scents."

The following essential oils are included in the optional "Uplift Your Life and Worry Less" essential oil pack at £6.60 (includes over 12% discount on individual prices):-
10ml English Lavender
10ml Bergamot

With the exceptional Hypnoscents© programme you can use the oils in the appropriate way, then make yourself comfortable, sit back safely relaxing into a wellbeing journey of the senses.

The track will be downloadable immediately upon receipt of payment and can be downloaded for 24 hours. The link will be included in the receipt confirmation.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a change in the brain wave length and allows us into the subconscious part of the mind where imagining feels real.

We have four main brain wavelengths:-
- beta high frequency everyday waking state, the thinking analytical brain,
- alpha is a more relaxed state such as day dreaming or imagining (the hypnotic state)
- theta half awake, half asleep
- delta, deep sleep.

Hypnosis is natural and we pass through these brain wave lengths before sleep and when we wake up. Some other examples would be reading or watching telly, when someone talks to us and we don't hear them because we have become absorbed in that other reality. However when we move into alpha or theta wavelength we have the opportunity to communicate with that amazing part of our mind to help to make changes. During this special state of relaxation the subconscious comes to the foreground and through its language of the imagination, changes are possible.

Hypnosis should only be listened to when you can safely relax NOT whilst driving or doing anything that requires attention.
Hypnosis should not be used by anyone who has suffered from psychosis.
If on medication or in any doubt please consult with your doctor.

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