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Rosehip Oil (Rosa Mosqueta) ORGANIC

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Certified 100% Organic.

100% Pure, Cold Pressed and Unrefined Oil.

Origin: Chile
Extraction: Cold pressing of the Wild Harvested Rosehips from the Rosa Canina plant.


30ml supplied in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a gold pipette lid.
50ml supplied in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a gold pipette lid.
100ml supplied in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a screw top lid.
250ml supplied in a blue PET plastic bottle with a black solid lid.
1000ml supplied in a HDPE clear plastic bottle with a white lid.

Customer Reviews:
"....This is the most beautiful Rosehip oil I have used. My skin has never looked better. My husband is also using it as he had a serious cycling accident recently and had a lot of stitches in a long wound down one side of his face. The healing process has been amazing by applying Rosehip oil twice a day. The maxillofacial consultant can't believe it. I will order the one you have for the time being. Could you please let me know when it is back in stock?" Helen Tonner. Hopefully, the original Rosehip will be back in stock in June Helen. Kind regards, Joanna."
"....The Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip) oil from Essential Oils Online is of a very high quality, it is exquisite". Fran, Aromatherapist"
"I have to tell you that the Rosehip oil is the best I've found and will be ordering from you again."
"Just to let you know, my order arrived this morning. I am very happy with the Rosehip oil and thank you for your excellent service. Patricia."
"Both oils (rosehip oil organic and cranberry) are FANTASTIC and seem to be exceptionally superb in quality. Eva."
"The rosehip oil is absolutely lovely. I am using it on scars from a bad medical procedure and my skin is visibly better, more supple, soft and with a more even tone. R.G., Dublin".
"Previously bought your Organic Rosehip Oil and was impressed with the quality and results. R.E"
"Just to let you know the oils arrived (2 x Organic Rosehip oil). They are just beautiful, the nicest I've found. Best wishes, Caroline Stirling."

Rosehip/Rosehip Seed Oil is a very sought after and wonderful oil. It is widely used for the treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring and premature aging of the skin. It is also helpful for overheated and irritated skin.

Our Organic Rosehip oil is unrefined to retain all of its nutrients and minerals. It is a lovely orange colour and has outstanding properties, particularly because of its high concentration of natural Vitamin E, linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids that are essential to a healthy skin. It is easily absorbed and does not leave the skin feeling oily.

This Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seed of the finest Chilean Rosehip plants and is known as Rosa Canina (or Rosa Mosqueta which is the South American term for Wild Rose grown in the area). Please be aware the European variety of the Rosehip plant does not produce such a high quality oil as the Chilean Rosa Mosqueta, it is also a lot cheaper to buy.

Massage into the skin on a daily basis or mix a little with some cream, lotion or other carrier oils/essential oils as directed. As this Rosehip Oil is organic and unrefined it should be used within six months of purchase.

Please note this may cause orange marks on any light coloured clothes or bedding if applied to the skin directly before use. Please take care.

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