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Orange Flower, ORGANIC Floral Water

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(Citrus Aurantium Dulcis)

100% Pure and Natural Product - Certified Organic.
Origin: Morocco

We are pleased to have sourced this beautiful flower water which has a lovely light floral, fruity aroma, similar to Neroli. It is ideal as a perfume, facial toner or room freshener.

Orange flower water is said to be calming to the nerves and is often used to settle hyperactive behaviour in adults and children alike. Orange flower water is ideal for delicate, sensitive and oily (not dry) skin as it is a good astringent. An excellent facial toner which is antibacterial and is used to soothe overheated and problem skin.

100ml supplied in a cobalt blue PET plastic bottle with spray top.
250ml refill supplied in a cobalt blue PET plastic bottle with screw top.
1000ml refill supplied in a clear HDPE plastic bottle with screw lid.
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