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Olivem 1000 (Emulsifying wax)

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(Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate)

A natural emulsifing wax made from Olive oil fatty acids. Suitable for using in O/W (oil in water, the lotion contains more water than oil) applications, it is an emulsifier and thickener in one. It has good moisturising properties and gives creams a soft silky feel.

Ideal for creams, lotions, make-up, sun care products, lip balms and hair conditioners.

Use at 1.5 - 3% for lotions and thinner substances
or 3 - 8% for creams or thicker lotions and mixtures.

Directions for use: The Olivem 1000 can be melted in the oil or the water phase or the process. The oil and water parts can then be mixed (when both are at temperature of 75-80 degrees). When blended the mixture can be cooled slowly. Top tip: A digital thermometer is really handy to get this right.

The Olivem 1000 comes in the form of ivory-white waxy flakes, sealed in gripseal clear bags.


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