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Lecithin, liquid

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Lecithin is a natural emulsifier (mixes water with oil) which comes from the soya bean. It is a very thick, brown coloured liquid and is most commonly used as an ingredient in good quality chocolate.

This lecithin is cosmetic grade and can be used as an ingredient in many natural skin care recipes, to avoid the use of synthetic chemicals.

Supplied in a cobalt blue glass bottle with black lined lid.

Liquid lecithin is used in many natural beauty recipes as it is a pure and natural emulsifier. It should be used as indicated in the recipes, however, if using without a recipe, here are some usage instructions.

Lecithin is very sticky and could make your final product sticky if too much is added. You would generally use between 2% and 5% lecithin, depending on whether it's a lotion (slightly runnier) or cream (slightly thicker) you are making. Lecithin should be added to the heated water (approximately 80 degrees) and the mixture should be stirred continously for about 30 minutes. The oils are then added to the 80 degree mixture and you should keep stirring until slightly cooler (approx. 40 degrees). The essential oils and vitamin E should be stirred in at this stage and then the mixture is left to set.

Good luck and just remember it's worth the extra time as there are no synthetic chemicals added. You can use many synthetic emulsifiers (to bind the oil and water) which will work with more ease, however, if you're looking for purely natural products, this is one of the only answers....


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