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Lavender Floral Water

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(Lavandula Angustifolia) Grown and distilled in England.

100% Pure and Natural Product.

Toning, Soothing and Antiseptic. Lavender floral water, like the essential oil, is a very popular and versatile hydrosol. It is a well balanced product and is suitable for all skin types on a regular basis. It can be used daily as a make up remover and cleanser and can be sprayed on the face and neck in dry atmospheres.

Lavender floral water can also be used before and after shaving to reduce irritated skin and promote a smoother shave.

Also widely used for babies and children, it is a natural antiseptic and is ideal to add to your first aid cupboard. The calming properties of Lavender make it a good pillow spray for promoting a good nights sleep or it can be sprayed in your babies bedroom for the same effect (mixing with chamomile will also be good for this). A little can be added to your babies bath and also used to clean your little one's bottom. If mixed with chamomile floral water it can be very calming on irritated skin.

Lavender floral water can have a slightly musky aroma but its many properties more than make up for this. It's antiseptic, calming and cleansing properties make it a must have item in your handbag or home or baby's room !

100ml supplied in a cobalt blue PET plastic bottle with spray top.
250ml refill supplied in a cobalt blue PET plastic bottle with screw top.
1000ml refill supplied in a clear HDPE plastic bottle with screw lid.
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