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Extra Lids for 10ml/30ml/50ml/100ml Bottles

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Extra lids for our 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and short 100ml Cobalt Blue glass bottles.

Please select the type of lid:-
a) Small reducer - a black lid with small reducer insert (0.6mm) for slowly dropping thin oils/essential oils.
b) Large reducer - a black lid with large reducer insert (1.5mm) for dropping thicker oils/blends/essential oils.
c) Lined black lid - a black lid with a polycone lining to seal mixtures in the bottle (without a reducer).
d) Pipette - a black pipette lid with a black, squeezy, rubber top and a glass pipette tube to fit a 10ml bottle or a longer version for a 30ml bottle.
e) Spray - a black spray atomiser top and clear overcap (the stem needs to be cut to size with scissors if it's for a 10ml, 30ml or 50ml bottle).
Please select lid required:

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