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Beauty Oils and Butters Book

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Price: 9.99

By Elaine Stavert (paperback - 156 pages).

"Treat yourself and your skin with luxurious, natural beauty oils and butters. With 30 different recipes to choose from there's something to suit every mood and soothe most ailments.

Sophisticated scents and aromatic herbs are blended with essential oils to create toning facial oils, relaxing bath time treats and stimulating foot treatments - everything you need to pamper yourself from tip to toe!

- Easy to follow instructions show you how to make the basic recipes which can easily be adapted to suit your skin type and personal preference.
- Learn to blend essences and fragrances, while discovering the health and mood benefits of a wide range of ingredients.
- Detailed information on herbs and their uses, aromatherapy oils, essential oils, beauty butters and their skin-enhancing benefits."

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