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Bath Bomb Gift Set (All Natural)

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Price: 22.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Great gift set supplying everything needed (apart from the bowl) to make 6-8 Natural Bath Bombs. Keep the children and adults busy through the holidays with something fun and easy to do.
Age 8+

Comes complete with full instructions and the following items:-
500gm Bicarbonate of Soda
200gm Citric Acid
200gm Epsom Salt
15gm Dried Rose Petals
30ml Organic Olive Oil
100ml Witch Hazel
10ml Litsea Cubeba essential oil
2 x Bath Bomb Molds
1 pair of disposible vinyl gloves
1 x 30ml plastic measuring beaker
2 x Wooden stirrers

The ingredients in the kit for the bath bombs are all natural. You can also add your own natural colours at home if you wish to make coloured bath bombs or other essential oils to give different aromas.

"I searched the internet for an all natural bath bomb kit and most of them have artificial colours or glitters added."

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