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Ava Aroma Diffuser - Portable

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Price: 19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Ava Aroma Diffuser by Rio is a small, portable diffuser powered by battery or USB. It is smaller and more and can be used in the car, office, summerhouse or many other places.

The AVA diffuser is an elegant solution for de-stressing your home, office or car to create a soothing, calming or up lifting atmosphere. The compact size and sleek design makes it perfect in any setting.

Adding just a couple of drops of essential oil to the diffusing pad creates a relaxing, tranquil or up lifting atmosphere in just minutes. The changing colours also give a soothing, calming glow. Silent operation. Running on either a USB supply or batteries makes Ava suitable for use in the home, at work and even in the car.

- 10 changing colours
- USB or battery operated (3 x AAA batteries, not supplied)
- Suitable for all aromatherapy oils
- Ultrasonic Vaporisation
- Compact Design - measures just 98mm x 51mm (just under 4in x 2in)

This Aroma Diffuser is sold in recyclable retail packaging with full instructions, it would make an ideal gift. Made and sold by a British Company.

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