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Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Nightlight

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Price: 26.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Night Light by Bodi-tek is an electric diffuser, ultrasonic humidifier and calming nightlight all in one. "Creating a place of calmness"

- 7 relaxing changing colours
- Near silent ultrasonic humidifier
- Use with aromatherapy oils
- 5 hours run time
- 100ml tank capacity
- 2 year guarantee

Create a wonderfully soothing atmosphere with soft changing colours and a calming stream of mist. The elegant design is suitable for any room and perfect for use when sleeping. Can be used with pure essential oils.

At night, the diffuser, humidifer and nightlight may be used to aid restful sleeping. During the day you can transform your home environment using natural oil extracts from plants and flowers to give each room the freshness of your choice. Depending on the oil you choose you can create a warm relaxing atmosphere or a refreshing uplifting one.

Approximate size 26.5cms high x 12.5cms deep x 12cms depth.

This Aroma Diffuser is sold in recyclable retail packaging with full instructions, it would make an ideal gift. Made and sold by a British Company.

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