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Alya Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Nightlight - with Timer

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Price: 39.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Alya Aroma Diffuser by Rio is also an ultrsonic humidifier and nightlight and has a timer option. It is electric and just needs water added and a couple of drops of essential oil to create the wonderful aroma and colour/misting effect.

Unwind and enhance your wellbeing with the ALYA aroma diffuser, humidifier and nightlight. The colour-changing lights, soothing mist and aromatherapy scent will create a tranquil atmosphere in any room.

- Neutralises odours
- Ideal as a nightlight and to use whilst sleeping
- Suitable for rooms up to 5m x 5m in size.
- 900ml water capacity
- Choice of high level and low level mist
- Choice of two, four and six hour timers
- Air Ioniser
- up to 24hrs running time

This Aroma Diffuser is sold in recyclable retail packaging with full instructions, it would make an ideal gift. Made and sold by a British Company.

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