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100ml Blue Plastic Bottle with Spray Pump or Flip Top Lid

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An empty 100ml Cobalt Blue plastic (PETG) bottle with a choice of the following lids:-

- Black flip top lid

- Black spray pump with clear overcap

The flip top lid is ideal for storing home-made shampoo, conditioner, lotions or massage oils.
The Spray pump is ideal for storing your homemade room sprays, disinfectants or flower waters.

These bottles are also good for travelling, take these on holiday to save valuable luggage space and weight.

Please note, it is recommended to use no more than 2.5% concentration of pure essential oils in plastic bottles to avoid an adverse reaction with the PETG ( for example, 2.5ml of essential oil to 100ml of base product ).

Type of lid:

7.5% Discount for Blue Light Card Scheme

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