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Essential Oil Resources

We would like to share some sites which we feel would be useful to you and provide information about essential oils and aromatherapy.

Essential Oil websites

Aromatherapy Trade Council -

Wikipedia description of Essential Oil

Your Guide to Essential Oils
Interesting article from the Observer Magazine on the Guardian Newspaper website.

BBC Article on essential oils and MRSA

Perfumery Websites
Basenotes - The Independent Perfumery website

Other Useful Websites

Living Ethically
An organic, ecological and ethical shopping and information portal.
Includes regular features, articles, best sellers and exclusive special offers.

The Eco List
Products, News and Links to Eco and Recycling sites
Soul Workers - Strategy for Body, Mind and Soul Connection
The Little Book of Elder is an ebook with over 40 Elder recipes, ranging from edible recipes (jams etc) to self help (i.e. cold remedies) and beauty recipes (i.e. bath face and body products (including soap).

Useful sites when making your own website:-

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