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When buying essential oils it is imperative that they are 100% pure, unadulterated and of therapeutic quality.

Current consumer demand has led to many new and sometimes questionable suppliers setting up in business offering cheap, inferior quality or adulterated essential oils

The AROMATHERAPY TRADE COUNCIL (ATC) is the UK's regulatory body for the Essential Oil Trade and it is recommended that you only buy Essential Oils from an 'ATC' Member.

Most of the UK's large essential oil suppliers are members of the ATC, this includes, Neal's Yard Remedies, Tisserand, Quinnessence and Essential Oils Online. All members have to adhere to the legal requirements of the Essential Oil trade and the ATC's rules. Our bottles and labels are checked and our essential oils are randomly tested to ensure their quality.

If an Essential Oil supplier is not a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council they may not be abiding by the ATC's rules/standards. This could result in incorrect labelling and inaccurate consumer information, or bottles that are not appropriate for storing and dispensing essential oils.

If in doubt when buying essential oils - Don't buy them. Go to a site which is recommended by the Aromatherapy Trade Council at

I hope this information helps you to purchase high quality essential oils for aromatherapy use.

Kind Regards